Overload wave-memory induces amnesia of a self-propelled particle

Information storage is a key element of autonomous, out-of-equilibrium dynamics, especially for biological and synthetic active matter. In synthetic active matter however, the implementation of internal memory in self-propelled systems is often absent, limiting our understanding of memory-driven dynamics. Recently, a system comprised of a droplet generating its guiding wavefield appeared as a prime candidate for such investigations. Indeed, the wavefield, propelling the droplet, encodes information about the droplet trajectory and the amount of information can be controlled by a single scalar experimental parameter. In this work, we show numerically and experimentally that the accumulation of information in the wavefield induces the loss of time correlations, where the dynamics can then be described by a memory-less process. We rationalize the resulting statistical behavior by defining an effective temperature for the particle dynamics where the wavefield acts as a thermostat of large dimensions, and by evidencing a minimization principle of the generated wavefield.

Memory and information storage play an important role in biological systems, however challenging to implement in synthetic active matter. The authors show that the wave field, propelling the particle, acts as a memory repository, and an excess of memory leads to a memory-less particle dynamics.


Volume: 13
Issue: 1
Article Number: 4357


Published: JUL 2022

By: Hubert, Maxime / Perrard, Stephane / Vandewalle, Nicolas / Labousse, Matthieu


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