Mathilde Reyssat

Mathilde Reyssat is a lecturer at ESPCI Paris. She teaches in the 2nd year of ESPCI Paris in Fluid Mechanics.

After a thesis on the wetting of superhydrophobic surfaces carried out with David Quéré, Mathilde Reyssat spent two years in the Howard Stone laboratory at Harvard University where she explored different capillary impregnation problems in complex geometries.

In 2009, she joined the microfluidics team of the Gulliver laboratory (UMR 7083) at ESPCI Paris, where she developed a unique microfluidic system for the
the production of blood platelets in microfluidics.

Her central research topics deal with complex interfaces, such as polymer capsules, active interfaces, swimming droplets etc...

She works closely with biologists, chemists and soft matter theoreticians.

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