Interfaces in soft matter

Microfluidics and application to biology

Patterns at fluid interfaces

Dynamics of soft interfaces

Surface waves and bio-locomotion

Interfacial phoretic and Marangoni flows

An interface between two liquids or between a solid and a liquid or between two solids is at the microscopic scale a continuum with a concentration of species from the two bulk systems in contact. These species interact and one can define interface energy, associated with these interactions, Any gradients of this energy induce transport within the interface, which at the hydrodynamic level of description induce velocity slip or stress jump at the interface. These boundary conditions, in turn, develop flows and/or stress in the bulk phases. We study and use these flow to self propel Janus colloids or water droplets in oil.

Disordered interfaces for fracture

Polymer nanohydrodynamics and interfacial slip

Self-healing and mechanical metamaterials



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