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  • Lessons from Biomass Valorization for Improving Plastic-Recycling Enzymes

    Synthetic polymers such as plastics exhibit numerous advantageous properties that have made them essential components of our daily lives, with plastic production doubling every 15 years. The relatively low cost of petroleum-based polymers (...)

  • Mean arc theorem for exploring domains with randomly distributed arbitrary closed trajectories

    A remarkable result from integral geometry is Cauchy’s formula, which relates the mean path length of ballistic trajectories randomly crossing a convex 2D domain, to the ratio between the region area and its perimeter. This theorem has been (...)

  • Branching processes with resetting as a model for cell division

    We study the stochastic thermodynamics of cell growth and division using a theoretical framework based on branching processes with resetting. Cell division may be split into two sub-processes: branching, by which a given cell gives birth to an (...)

  • Kinetic Monte Carlo Algorithms for Active Matter Systems

    Juliane U. Klamser, Olivier Dauchot, and Julien Tailleur Phys. Rev. Lett. 127, 150602 10.1103/PhysRevLett.127.150602 We study kinetic Monte Carlo (KMC) descriptions of active particles. We show that, when they rely on purely persistent, active (...)

  • Sculpting Liquids with Ultrathin Shells

    Timounay, Y; Hartwell, AR; [...] Demery, V; Paulsen, JD Phys. Rev. Lett. 127, 108002 10.1103/PhysRevLett.127.108002 Thin elastic films can spontaneously attach to liquid interfaces, offering a platform for tailoring their physical, chemical, (...)

  • Universal motifs and the diversity of autocatalytic systems

    Autocatalysis is essential for the origin of life and chemical evolution. However, the lack of a unified framework so far prevents a systematic study of autocatalysis. Here, we derive, from basic principles, general stoichiometric conditions for (...)

  • Rearrangement of two dimensional aggregates of droplets under compression

    We study signatures of the energy landscape’s evolution through the crystal-to-glass transition by compressing two dimensional (2D) finite aggregates of oil droplets. Droplets of two distinct sizes are used to compose small aggregates in an (...)

  • Lift at the nanometric scale!

    Researchers from the CNRS, the University of Bordeaux and ESPCI Paris measured and modeled for the first time the emergent lift force that acts on a micrometric particle moving in a viscous fluid near a soft wall. This force could have great (...)

  • DNA nanotechnology to detect cancer biomarkers

    How to detect diseases at the earliest stages of development? This is the problematic raised by most scientists and physicians, focusing on new biomarkers, such a microRNAs. Indeed, a growing number of publications link microRNA levels inside (...)

  • Uncovering polymer’s unique spindle structure

    A new study from Daeseok Kim and Teresa Lopez-Leon of Gulliver lab, in collaboration with Helen Ansell, Randall Kamien, and Eleni Katifori of the University of Pennsylvania, describes how polymer spheres can transform into twisted spindles (...)