Gulliver Seminar : Malcolm Faers (Bayer)

Lundi 13 février de 11h30 à 12h30 - Bibliothèque PCT - F3.04

The Art of Applying Colloid Science to the Design of Crop Protection Formulations for Tomorrow's Technologies

Designing formulations is a rewarding and fascinating but complex challenge, the final product must fulfil several different criteria such as performance, innovation, differentiation, safety, be registerable (globally), cost, sustainability, stability and be robust for manufacture for example. These criteria often compete against each other during formulation design and finding effective solutions in the design space is complex. This raises the question of how can solutions be found efficiently ? The number of recipe components, process variations and product criteria make it highly unlikely that solutions will be found that could be foreseen. Colloid science and rheology are valuable tools here in the formulation design process to better understand the large and complex design variable space. The presentation will cover this with biodelivery, low spray volumes and drone application, coffee-ring structures, super-spreading, delayed collapse of colloidal gels and bespoke low-invasive, in situ vane rheology examples.