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Gulliver seminars take place on Mondays at 11:30 AM in the F304 room, and typically last one hour including questions. The seminars are in English, and the scientific topics are mainly those studied in the laboratory.

Gulliver Seminar : Jörg Baschnagel (Institut Charles Sadron)

Lundi 15 mai 2023 de 11h30 à 12h30 - Bibliothèque PCT - F3.04

To be rescheduled


Seminars  (2)

General recommendations for the speakers

The audience is often heterogeneous - because of the wide range of scientific topics covered in the lab - so planning a talk for a broader audience would be preferred. The seminar is in English, and speakers are thus invited to prepare their slides in English.

The seminar starts at 11:30 AM. The speaker is asked to arrive in the lab at least 15 minutes in advance to set up their computer. The talks last typically 45 minutes, and are followed by a discussion time.