In order to illustrate the team’s research, we selected some highlights.

The group is active in the diffusion of knowledge through a number of independent routes.

Firstly, at the most local level several CNRS researchers are active in the teaching of students at ESPCI.

E. Raphael organizes a remarkable series of external colloquia “Les Chantiers du Savoir” which bring in the highest-level presentations for students and staff members at ESPCI.

Many members of the French academy of Sciences are thus introduced to the ESPCI through this event.

T. Salez et S. Rogue organize a yearly Soft Matter retreat for all members of ESPCI.

Beyond this, members of the group are also involved in organizing schools and workshops on a regular basis.

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Informations Pratiques

Elie Raphaël
elie.raphael (arobase)

Directeur adjoint :
Olivier Dauchot
olivier.dauchot (arobase)

Gestionnaire ESPCI :
Stéphanie Ledoux
stephanie.ledoux (arobase)

Gestionnaire CNRS :
Solange Rogue
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