Topological matter

Topology is central to the organization of condensed matter. In the case of soft matter, it is a key ingredient of the structural and dynamical properties of liquid crystals. It also become important when considering the mechanical properties of slenders objects, such as thin sheets or ribbons. In both cases topological deffects are the relevant entities to consider. Controling them is at the core of our research activity.

Topological defects and patterning

Topological defects in cholesteric liquid crystal shells, Darmon, A., Benzaquen, M., Copar, S. X., Dauchot, O. & Lopez-Leon, T. Soft Matter 12, 9280–9288 (2016).
Waltzing route toward double-helix formation in cholesteric shells, Darmon, A., Benzaquen, M., Sec, D., Copar, S. X., Dauchot, O. & Lopez-Leon, PNAS 113, 9469–9474 (2016).

Thin sheets geometry and mechanics

Geometry underlies the mechanical stiffening and softening of an indented floating film, M. Ripp, V. Démery, T. Zhang et J. D. Paulsen, Soft Matter 10.1039/d0sm00250j (2020).

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