1st year

- Linear systems, signals and noise, Vincent Démery.

- Mathematical methods (Presentation of a number of mathematical methods necessary for a good training in physics and chemistry), Élie Raphaël, Vincent Démery, Matthieu Labousse.

2nd year

- Mathematical methods, Vincent Démery, Matthieu Labousse.

- Fluid mechanics, Mathilde Reyssat.

- Mechanics of materials, Zorana Zeravcic.

3rd year

- Advanced Statistical Physics (basic knowledge of the fundamental concepts of equilibrium and non equilibrium statistical physics), Olivier Dauchot et Vincent Démery.

- Biophysics, David Lacoste.

At other universities:


- Ecole Polytechnique 2nd year : Soft matter, lab project, Mathilde Reyssat.

- Licence (Paris VII University): Physics, Ken Sekimoto.

Master 1

- Master 1 (Waseda University, Tokyo): Statistical physics outside equilibrium, Ken Sekimoto.

Master 2

- Master "Spécialité systèmes biologiques et concepts physiques" (Paris VII University) : Statistical physics of complex systems, David Lacoste.

- Master "Systèmes et Applications" (Paris VI University) : Supervision of digital projects, David Lacoste.

- Master 2 Physics, Lyon 1 University and ENS Lyon: Advanced methods in Soft matter courses (Presentation of a number of concepts, especially statistical physics, in order to understand the statics and dynamics of soft matter), Élie Raphaël.

- Master 2 (FIP-ED) : Advanced methods of stochastic dynamics and energetics, Ken Sekimoto.