Two ATER at EC2M

Two ATER, Silke Henkes and Djamel El Masri joined the team EC2M.

Silke Henkes is a theoretician, specialist of jamming. She recently worked on active systems in the team of Christina Marchetti, Syracuse, New York and will provide EC2M a significant support to the thematics of Active Matter.

Djamel El Masri is an experimentalist. During his thesis in Montpellier, he studied colloidal glasses with Luca and Ludovic Berthier Cipelletti. He then stayed in the group of Alfons van Blaaderen, specializing in the study of colloids at the University of Utrecht.
Djamel will work on a system of artificial walkers while assisting EC2M in implementing new techniques for the study of colloidal systems.


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