Gulliver, beyond the frontiers

Pierre Sens and Florent Krzakala are theoretical physicists, both members of the laboratory Gulliver. This year they have both won a fellowship to develop innovative interdisciplinary projects. Acquisition compressed data cell motility, meeting with two scientists who think big in a specialist lab scale changes.

Florent Krzakala is one of the winners of 2012 fellowships awarded annually by the European Research Council. Each year the jury selects ERC individual courses and projects "on the sole criterion of scientific excellence of the researcher and the innovative power of its idea, regardless of nationality, age or area of ​​research" . Each scholarship is personal and gives autonomy to the recipient.

Pierre Sens also presented a research project before the Board of another international organization, the Human Frontier Science Program (HFSP). Founded in 1986 on the initiative of Japan, this international program supports research on the complex mechanisms of living organisms. The research is funded at all levels of biological complexity, biomolecules interactions between organisms. Grants are awarded for innovative research projects involving collaboration between teams of independent researchers working in different countries and in different disciplines.


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